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Inner Workings

In order to store flags to capture and check whether a teams service is still running nominally the Engine dispatches several requests in each round.

Request Types

Request Purpose
putflag Inserts the flag into the service
getflag Retrieves the flag from the service
havoc Checks the service functionality
putnoise Insert other (public) data into the service
getnoise Check other (public) data

Basic requests

    Gameserver->>+Checker: putflag
    Checker->>+Service: store flag
    Gameserver->>+Checker: getflag
    Checker->>+Service: retrieve flag
    Service->>+Checker: retrieve flag


One round generally lasts 60 seconds. It is divided into 4 quarters, which each last 15 seconds. The checker tasks are called in the depicted way:

TODO: Are those scheduled right (the slides differ)?

    title Timing
    dateFormat  mm-ss
    axisFormat  %M-%S
    section Round 1

    putflag (Round 1 flags) :r1p1, 00-00, 15s
    getflag (old flags)     :r0g2, 00-00, 15s

    getflag (old flags)     :r0g2, 00-30, 15s
    havoc                   :r1h1, 00-30, 15s
    putnoise                :r1pn1, 00-30, 15s

    getflag (Round 1 flags) :r1g1, 00-45, 15s
    getflag (old flags)     :r0g3, 00-45, 15s

    section Round 2

    putflag         :a1, 01-00, 15s